Le Monde: Problems that hinders France from sending tanks to Ukraine


Le Monde newspaper indicated that France is suffering from a problem that hinders sending tanks to Ukraine.

This problem revolves around the fact that France doesn’t have enough tanks to send.

Although there are 226 Leclerc tanks in the French army, only 135 of them are in service, and it is also being discussed whether it is logical to send 10 to 20 French combat vehicles, due to the difficulty of maintaining them, and according to experts, there are more German Leopard 2 tanks that can be sent to Kyiv.

Just as the French Leclerc tank is considered strong in battles, it is also considered fragile and requires great logistical support, which creates problems for Ukraine.

This week, Western countries announced plans to transfer tanks to Ukraine, where the German government agreed to send Leopard 2 tanks.

Two battalions of tanks are to be formed in the first phase, and Berlin will transport a squadron of 14 A6 combat vehicles.

As German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius indicated, the tanks could arrive in Ukraine at the end of March.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden announced the supply of tanks to the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to him, the Ukrainian army will receive 31 M1 Abrams combat vehicles, and they will make up one tank battalion.

A senior US administration official specified that it would take months, not weeks, to deliver the equipment to Ukraine.

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