While media reports revealed the identity of the fourth American who was killed in the explosion of the city of Manbij in Aleppo countryside, which been executed by the Islamic state organization of, President Donald Trump announced that he will visit the families of the killed Americans.

According to Syrian opposition media sources, the fourth American casualty in the city of Manbij, was Ghadir Tahir, a staff member for Valiant company.

According to Associated Press agency, Tahir’s task was a translator for the US military in areas in northeastern Syria.

She’s Syrian who had emigrated from Syria to the United States earlier.

“Ghadir, 27, from East Point, Georgia, died of wounds sustained in Wednesday’s explosion in the city of Manbij”, the Atlanta Journal reported as her younger Brother called Ali said.

Ali said the family had learned of her death from her employer at Valiant Integrated Services company which is defense contractor.

The Pentagon yesterday revealed the identities of three Americans killed in the Manbij explosion, including military commander Jonathan Farmer and Navy Commander Shannon Kent.

“The third person is Scott Wertz, a civilian contractor with the Defense Department, while the ministry did not name the fourth dead”, the Pentagon statement said.

The city of Manbij, last Wednesday, witnessed a bombing that killed about 15 people, including four US, and five of their accomplices of the Kurdish militias, in addition to the deaths of 10 civilians of other residents of the city, according to Syrian opposition media sources.

The Pentagon described the bombing as “the most violent” against US forces since 2014.

Less than an hour after the bombing, the Islamic state organization announced their responsibility.

According to the Islamic state media outlet Amaq: The “martyrdom” (suicide bomber) wearing an explosive vest blew himself up in a patrol of the international coalition (led by Washington) in the city of Manbij, resulting in the deaths of nine US soldiers among the dead and wounded,.

Meanwhile, Trump announced in a tweet posted on his Twitter account yesterday that he would visit Dover to meet the families of American soldiers killed in the Manbij bombing.

“I will leave for Dover to be with the families of the four soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the service of our country”, Trump said.

It is noteworthy that the bombing of Manbij came less than a month after Trump announcement of the withdrawal from Syria.

On a parallel line, the clan of Albu Sultan, one of the largest clans in the city of Manbij, accused SDF militia of fabricating charges of “involvement of the clan” in the bombing of the city of Manbij.

These forces use their sons as a means to justify their inability to maintain security within the city”.

“Those who accused them of” committing “the attack of Manbij are in the prisons of the Kurdish militias since periods ranging from one and a half and four months.

The SDF announced on its website on Thursday that it had arrested the perpetrators of the bombing of Manbij, and displayed their confessions, including Ziad Abu Tarek, who is a member of the clan.


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