Germany sends a new batch of military aid to Ukraine and confirms intention to purchase the Israeli Arrow 3 air defense system


Following the meeting between the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Berlin, Thursday, both Germany and Israel intend to expand cooperation in the field of armaments.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed German’s intention to purchase the Israeli Arrow 3 air defense system.

The politician, who belongs to the Social Democratic Party, stressed that this project means making “very, very big progress,” the German chancellor also confirmed the continuation of the export of German weapons to Israel and said that it is certain that “we will also continue to supply weapons to Israel”.

Germany had supplied to Israel in the past, primarily submarines, and supported these exports with taxpayers’ money, after Germany declared that Israel’s security is one of its supreme interests in light of its recognition of responsibility for the killing of a large number of Jews during the Nazi rule.

It’s expected that the Arrow 3 system will become part of the European air defense system, and the Arrow 3 system in the current period represents the upper stage of the multi-stage Israeli air defense and can destroy attacking weapon systems at an altitude of more than 100 kilometers outside the atmosphere.

Scholz and Netanyahu refused to answer a question about the date of signing a contract in this regard and the value of the deal.

After talks with Scholz, Netanyahu contented himself with saying: “We chose a path that will take us further of course we will move forward as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, Germany will deliver a new defense aid package to Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian News agency, the new batch includes 155 mm artillery rounds, MLRS ammunition, pistols, generators and tents, according to an updated list of comprehensive German assistance to Ukraine.

In the last package, Germany delivered 5,000 artillery rounds (155 mm); bringing the total to 23,500 shells, in addition to an unspecified amount of high-precision 155mm projectiles.

Also delivered were ammunition for MARS II multiple rocket launchers, 500 SFP9 pistols, two lift trucks (in addition to the previous six), several hangar tents, four mobile antenna mast systems, in addition to the previous 30, and 25 generators, bringing the total to 295 generators.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in the Bundestag that the issue of establishing continuous supplies of ammunition to Ukraine in large quantities will be on the agenda of the EU summit next week.

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