Germany pledges to provide Ukraine with an additional arms package worth more than one billion Euros


Germany pledged to provide Ukraine with an additional arms package worth about 1.1 billion Euros to support it in confronting the war that Russia has been waging against it for nearly two years.

Among what this package includes is the delivery of 36 tanks or armored howitzers from industrial stock, in addition to 120,000 rounds for artillery, two additional air defense systems, in addition to T-Iris missiles.

This came according to what German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced during a joint appearance with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Berlin on Friday.

Scholz said that concluding the security agreement between Germany and Ukraine is considered a new historic step, noting that there is a possibility that the importance of the document won’t receive the appreciation it deserves.

He stated that the document stipulates that Germany will continue its support for independent Ukraine in defending itself against the Russian war, and he added in English, “As long as this is necessary”.

In addition, he added, the Ukrainian partner will be supported in “building modern and fortified armed forces to deter any future attack”.

Scholz continued, “The important thing is that Putin not to achieve any of his goals,” pointing out that the Ukrainian armed forces, in return, were able to liberate more than half of the areas occupied by Russian forces, and said that the steadfastness of the people in Ukraine is admirable.

Scholz said that relations between Germany and Ukraine have reached a completely new level in the past two years, and stated that Germany has allocated about 7.1 billion Euros for military support to Ukraine in the current year and 6 billion Euros in pledges for subsequent years.

He stated that Germany provided aid, financial resources, and pledges totaling about 28 billion Euros to support Ukraine militarily, and stated that Germany is therefore considered the second largest military supporter of Ukraine.

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