German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser seeks to prevent the use of sensitive components in the 5G mobile communications network in Germany, coming from Chinese suppliers, as of the beginning of January 2026.

German government departments stated on Tuesday that this comprehensive ban, which is being planned, will apply to the so-called core network of the Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica companies.

This ban won’t be limited to components that will be newly installed, but also to network components that have already been installed.

The goal of this step is to reduce structural dependence on Huawei and ZTE components in the access and transportation network, by early October 2026.

It’s expected that a strict ban will additionally be implemented, exceeding sensitive components, in areas of security importance, such as Berlin and the Rhine-Ruhr region, with the aim of avoiding risks that may hinder government procedures and the business sector.

On the other hand, these strict measures won’t be implemented in rural areas where users often complain about the weak network.

The German government bases its justification for this ban mainly on the risks that may result from relying heavily on Chinese companies that cannot evade government influence over them.

The German government relies on this reason to justify the ban more than on the risks related to espionage or electronic piracy.

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