Germany: Calls for the expansion of the use of geothermal energy


German Minister of Scientific Research, Bettina Stark-Watsinger, called for the expansion of geothermal energy use in Germany.

“Especially with regard to heating supplies, we need new energy sources that we can rely on to get rid of fossil fuels,” the minister said in statements to the German News Agency (dpa).

Stark-Watsinger explained that deep geothermal energy offers a wide opportunity.

She also emphasized that through concerted political, scientific and economic efforts, this treasure of energy can be expanded and transformed into an indispensable form of energy.

The deep geothermal energy can be extracted through drilling operations several kilometers deep.

According to a study by several large German research centers, this type of energy could cover more than a quarter of Germany’s annual heating requirements.

According to a ministry spokesperson, the German government is currently launching a campaign to promote geothermal energy, with at least 100 additional geothermal projects scheduled to start up to 2030.

According to the data, the German Minister of Scientific Research is financing a research project in this field in Bavaria with about 2.6 million Euros, which is scheduled to start in 2023.

There is a so-called deep laboratory, during which drilling operations up to nine kilometers deep will be conducted.

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