German newspaper “Tag Spiegel” highlighted the report of the German Foreign Ministry confirming that there is no protection from persecution in any part of Syria, but the federal government preferred not to publish the report.

The newspaper stated, on Saturday, that the federal government believes that the situation in Syria is catastrophic, even after the victory of the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on a large scale in the civil war.

The German Foreign Ministry presents a confidential report on the situation in Syria regarding the brutal tyranny of the Syrian government and other militias, and the report states that there is no protection from political persecution and torture?

It is intended for any part of Syria.

The newspaper stated that it had seen the German Foreign Ministry report, which came in 30 pages, noting that the report is the basis on which the decision of the Conference of Interior Ministers, last week, to extend the moratorium on the ban on deportation to Syria, for another half a year, without any restrictions.

The report also said that health care is poor in Syria and the economy is collapsing, pointing out that 69% of the Syrian population lives in extreme poverty, and their daily pension doesn’t exceed two US dollars, and that five million Syrians “need emergency assistance”.

The newspaper described the report as “disturbing”, so the German federal government didn’t want to publish it, however, it is now known how the Foreign Ministry describes a “nightmare of Syria” after extensive research.

Although the Assad government, with the help of the Russians and Iranians, appears victorious in the civil war, the situation of the majority of the population remains dramatic.

The report adds that basic aid in Syria is almost entirely covered by United Nations aid programs, as nearly two-thirds of the 18 million Syrians depend on humanitarian aid, while 15.5 million Syrians urgently need drinking water and sanitation.

The German Foreign Ministry report notes that the Syrian Ministry of Health itself presents huge numbers for those who need medical care.

According to the report, 20% of hospitals in Syria are “out of service” due to the destruction, and 48% of them were damaged by the fighting, and the German Foreign Ministry indicated that the Bashar Al Assad government was the main responsible for the destruction, as it stated in its report: “The Syrian regime attacks the areas Residential and civil infrastructure, including hospitals and schools”.

The report added that Assad’s air force is still using explosive barrels, and the report confirmed that “at least 71,935 barrel bombs” were dropped from June 2012 to December 2018.

As a source of its report, the German Foreign Ministry relied on reports of the United Nations, Syrian human rights groups and humanitarian organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

The report pointed out that the number of deaths in the Syrian civil war has now reached about 570,000, and the UNHCR has registered 5.6 million Syrians as refugees, and another 5.9 million are internally displaced within their country.

The report stated that 17 thousand people were exposed to abuse, melted to death, pointing out that “security” is clearly a strange word for anyone who appears to be opposed to the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and other warring factions.

The report says: “There is as yet no comprehensive, reliable, long-term internal protection for stalkers, in any part of Syria”.

Since 2012, more than 144,000 people have been arrested or disappeared, and in 90% of cases, the Syrian President is responsible, and the latter issued arrest warrants for 1.5 million people.

The German Foreign Ministry report also referred, based on frequent reports, to “mass executions carried out in regime prisons”, since 2018.

Even outside the area that under the Syrian government control, the situation is unstable.

In Idlib, a city dominated by Al Nusra Front, civil society is subject to brutal repression.

The German Foreign Ministry report also talks about human rights violations in the areas controlled by the Kurdish units, in the north and northeast of Syria, and this also applies to the areas controlled by the Turkish-backed opposition forces.

The “Tag Spiegel” newspaper concluded by recalling that the Federal Foreign Ministry report raised, at least, doubts about the possibility of easing the stopping of the deportation of refugees to Syria, and this was discussed at the conference of interior ministers in the city of Lubeck last week, in which the ministers agreed that the government should The federation checks whether Syrian criminals can be brought back, at least, to their country, but that won’t happen until the German Foreign Ministry Department presents another report on Syria, by June 2020.

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