German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas intends to implement the imposition of the arms embargo against Libya by imposing other sanctions, if necessary.

Maas indicated during his visit to the United Arab Emirates today, Tuesday, that all the active countries in relation to the civil war in Libya committed themselves last January during the Berlin Summit on Libya not to supply any weapons to the country.

The German minister affirmed that, “In the end, we must count that all countries that signed the agreement in Berlin will abide by what they signed… I do not want to rule out that the matter comes to other sanctions”.

During the summit in January, Germany played a mediating role in the conflict, and in particular it is trying to curb external interference.

Civil war has raged in oil-rich Libya since the overthrow of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

All attempts to mediate the conflict have so far been unsuccessful – including the Libya conference in Berlin. 

The countries involved in the conflict have pledged to comply with the arms embargo, which has been in place for nine years. 

However, the summit document was not implemented.

As for Germany, it is important to find a solution to the conflict in Libya, because the chaotic conditions there favor the activity of human smuggling gangs, which bring illegal immigrants to Europe via the Mediterranean.

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