German arms exports to Israel is witnessing decline


German arms export approvals to Israel have fallen again, after rising sharply last year in the wake of attacks by Hamas movement.

The German government agreed to export weapons to Israel during the first few weeks of this year – but only on a limited scale.

As of last February 15, weapons worth about 9 million euros ($9.75 million) had been approved to be sent, according to what the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced in response to an inquiry from Sevim Dagdelin of the Sara Wagenknecht Alliance.

Last year, the German government gave the green light to export weapons worth 326.5 million euros to Israel – ten times what it was the previous year.

This included 3,000 portable anti-tank weapons and 500,000 rounds of machine guns, machine guns and other automatic or semi-automatic firearms.

Most of them were approved after the Hamas attacks on October 7, 2023.

In the wake of the Hamas attacks, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly reiterated that Israel’s security is part of Germany’s raison d’être.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, which is responsible for arms exports, announced last November that as a result of the attacks, “requests to export defense equipment to Israel will be processed and decided on as a matter of priority”.

However, Israel’s conduct in the war in the Gaza Strip has been internationally criticized due to the killing of a large number of civilians. European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell recently called on the United States and other Israeli allies to reduce arms shipments.

But Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz rejected Borrell’s idea.

Dagdelen criticized German arms exports to Israel.

“We need an immediate and unconditional ceasefire instead of sending more and more weapons to the far-right Netanyahu government, which now also wants to attack Rafah,” she said.

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