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Russia doesn’t seems to be weakened after all, as all the pressure and confrontations she faces halted her, especially with Russia almost confronting all of the Western powers and in more than on front, the Russian bear is still alive and kicking too hard.

The Western debate about the ability of pressures and systematic sanctions imposed on Russia, which would bring down any country in the world, or even bring down most of the countries that imposed it, proved that is nothing but illusion, as they are now whose suffering on reality.

Of course, it is not possible to separate politics from the economy, especially when addressing issues with countries such as the United States, China, Russia, and other countries of course who possess welfare and capabilities.

As the fact that what make them classified as superpowers.

And here comes to prove this theory, as what exactly said last week by the Chief of Staff of the US Joint Forces, Gen. Mark Milley, who mentioned In a speech he delivered at a military ceremony in the United States last week, “the world at the current time includes three superpowers, the United States, Russia and China”.

This speech, which represents a brave confession from a military man who occupies an important post in a country like the United States, represents an acknowledgment of the truth, and a rejection of everything the western media tried to dictate on the world in these past times.

What is interesting about these statements is that Europe does not exist, which is exactly the goal behind what is happening in the international arena today.

In short, Europeans foolishly swallowed Uncle Sam’s bait.

Indeed cleverly, to test Russia in Ukraine, and here it is, European leaders are moving unconsciously in different direction, while their countries good old days prosperity is crumbling, and their manpower on strike on daily basis calling for justice!


Sanctions led towards dedollarization

The phrase “dedollarization” is today on everyone’s mouth, no one talks about what the western sanctions do on Russia?

In realization of the saying that we learned from children’s stories when we were boys and girls, once upon a time… “If you dig a hole for your brother, you will fall into it”.

Today, the world is realizing that continuing with the same old path, especially the economic one, by linking our fate to the United States, is an absurd, and it’s time to get out of it.

The attempt to impose isolation on Russia and punish Moscow with pile of sanctions has awakened the heads of many countries of the world.

Those whom realized that the independence of their decision and the protection of their interests intersect with the West and Washington, and that the continuation of the method of imposing sanctions in this way that is out of control has become an annoying and provocative matter.

Simply the we all came to senses, that we can’t trust dealing with such policy anymore, as Washington for three decades now dictating this sanctions policy which everyone should follow, even if it will cause problems to their own, in short or long run.

The United States, presented the method of Imposing sanctions to its ingredients for terrorizing the others, as it became a custom to world politics.

Successive US administrations have continued to facilitate the imposition of sanctions on other countries, until the matter has often become absurd, and without a clear international reference.

Anyone can be sanctioned, even friends and allies, as Trump did.

The issue of the US dollar’s authority over the world’s economy that has become a tangible matter, today, the results began to appear.

The world is not a house in which a group of children live, and every time anyone of them can be punished in case caused any kind of disobedience to the father, “Uncle Sam”.

Therefore, it seems that today the tongues of fire have begun to devour this house, and those children are not in fact children… We are talking about superpowers that possess capabilities, history, and civilization full of wealth and deep culture beyond the shallow minds of the Americans.

Seeing the world unites with groups like BRICS and the continuous shift of many other countries to get out of the state of dependence on the US currency is only one of a number of steps, through which these countries, which extend throughout the world, from Latin America, Africa and Asia, are encouraged.

The fact is the dealing here is with nations that combined about 65% of the world’s population, with all their capabilities and resources, all of which will be employed in building a more fair international society.


The North and South challenge

Perhaps it’s paradoxical that Russia is hosting the annual economic forum in its twenty-sixth edition in the city of St. Petersburg, and the Russian endeavor towards consolidating power and strategic presence in the north, with its military and economic aspects, as the north pole represents Russia’s important foothold, which would open much larger doors.

Russian projects are being seriously taken to transform the north pole with the entire Arctic region as one of the most important economic arteries, as this crucial route will be yet a giant gate linking the world and ease transportation of goods and serve the continuity of the supply chains.

This Russian endeavors, which many countries shares its importance in order to transforming the sea crossing in the Arctic, as a vital trade route linking the world to other part of the world, by opening a giant commercial navigation route, which is a step that represents a great achievement for Russia and all who share this ambition.

The Economic Forum in St. Petersburg put this project among the topics for discussion and research during the past years sessions, and it will certainly be present in the upcoming session.

The positive impact of the event on the development of political, economic and scientific cooperation, especially between countries of the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, paving the way for the for a so called “New World Genesis,” which is the right term of the regime that about to replace the so called the “New World Order,” which former US president George H.W Bush talked about in early 90’s on the eve of the Soviet Union collapse.

In addition, such opportunity that the Forum possess is an advantage, as use the forum as an optimal international platform for the presentation of specific investment opportunities and the conclusion of significant contracts.

The West was betting on Russia’s inability to proceed with its endeavors in the light of Russia’s entry into the Ukrainian war, and the belief that prevailed in the West over the past year that the huge amount of sanctions will destroy the Russian economy and will not allow Russia to rise again, as is the case with full scale support to Kiev to defeat Moscow, all of which began to reveal the wrong Western calculations.

Russia is currently seeking to attract more investments, especially in the Arctic sea corridor development projects, beside what all its gigantic land and wealth brings to the world to invest in.

As for the south, the Russian-Chinese cooperation to build economical route is no less important than the one in the north, beside that comes to the table the Russian-Turkish project to create an international hub for energy, where Turkiye plays the role of the heart of the body.

These types of coalitions and gigantic economic projects proving the size and the capacity possessed by the countries of civilizations in building a new world order.

One of the most important goals of the sanctions imposed on Russia was to isolate her and prevent other countries from dealing with her, but that didn’t happen, because suddenly, the world turns to be much bigger than only the West.


An arrogance collapsed due to economic failure

The war in Ukraine was nothing but a global earthquake that revealed facts about the nature of the global system that has been leading recklessly since the end of the Cold War era, as the collapse of the Soviet Union was nothing but a shock to introduce the world to the Pax-Americana stage.

But today, when observing the upcoming confrontation between China and the United States, which will be on the land of Taiwan, nothing but the shock that will bring the world out of that era, to usher it into a new era, in which there is no Western arrogance inherited from the legacy of ancient colonialism and the Crusades against the East, and the use of ideology as a justification for wars and killing in the world.

The arrogance that the Western camp has exercised on the world today threatened by economic failure in its countries, and in return, we find awakening in countries such as China, Russia, Turkiye, Iran, India, Brazil, and many more.

Many countries already have the ability to grow in matching Western countries f not surpassing them, as the only thing they needed is their real independence.

Today we monitor Italian and French endeavors, for example, looking for help from countries that once were their colonies in the past.

The farce of the Western position towards the Turkish president, after he managed to win the elections, was only further evidence of the fake values that the West is brag about all the time.

Everyone must admit that what Russia has done, no matter how strange it may seem to some, is important in awakening the world so that it looks with two eyes towards the reality.

This perhaps another step, which international events such as the St. Petersburg economic forum represent to world that is changing today.

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