Former CIA analyst: The worst end Zelensky is a military coup due to the state of discontent in the army and a decision to impeach him


Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky might face a military coup.

“It’s likely that Zelensky will be removed as a result of a coup due to the great discontent of the forces on the eastern front line”.

Johnson said in an interview with Redacted YouTube channel, adding that the West made serious miscalculations, trying to weaken Russia and cause its collapse, and in fact, this happened with Ukraine.

Earlier, the former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Douglas MacGregor, said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will try to escape after the defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces on the front line.

“One day Zelensky will disappear, travel to Vilnius, or Miami, or Cyprus, and take the millions he has stolen with him,” MacGregor said.

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