Families that left North Homs – south Hama country side are returning home from Northern Syria

Escaping neglecting and ill-treatment… 1400 families are preparing to return from the north of Syria to the northern Homs and southern Hama country side.

The coordinates of the rebels quoted sources as «private», saying that more than 1400 families of the rural Homs north and Hama South, who left earlier with the militants who refused to stay in the countryside towards the north of Syria, are preparing to return to their cities and towns in the countryside of Homs and Hama, as a result of what they suffer from negligence in the camps in which they live in northern Syria.

A number of «opposition activists» blamed the situation in the camps for the «opposition coalition government» and «relief organizations».

«The activists» that the people are treated very badly, camps lack the most basic elements of life from good tents or drinking water or baths.

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