European military official: Moscow is in the process of achieving military superiority against Kiev


The Russian war on Ukraine has returned to the forefront of the global scene, as the second anniversary of the invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Kiev approaches.

The head of the Norwegian intelligence service, Admiral Niels Andreas Stensons, announced that Russia had greatly strengthened its position in the war against Ukraine over the past year, pointing out that “Moscow succeeded in carrying out combat operations despite international sanctions”.

Stensons described the war on Ukraine as “the first world war in color,” noted that “both sides have fortified positions, and offensive operations are limited and do not lead to major changes”.

Meanwhile, Stensons said that Ukraine is unable to produce the necessary weapons on its own and is “completely dependent on material support from the West,” while much of the Western equipment it has already received has been “lost or used up”.

At the same time, Russia, he said, is in the process of achieving military superiority, and is already able to increase production of ammunition and long-range precision weapons.

He added, “We see that Russia will need less time to recover from the war than we estimated last year”.

In this regard, Stensons urged Europe to prepare for more changes and an unpredictable situation, especially since Russia will use all its tools to try to influence the West.

Last week, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gramm called for preparations for a possible conflict even after Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine ends.

On the other hand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk considered that “Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot lose the war,” doubting Ukraine’s ability to win, and mocking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s requests for assistance.

During his participation in a forum on X about US aid to Ukraine, Musk explained that he hopes that Americans will contact their elected representatives regarding the Ukraine bill, stressing that this spending does not help Ukraine.

Musk’s views contrast sharply with President Joe Biden and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who argue that helping Ukraine defend against the Kremlin is in America’s interest.

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