Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his government will accelerate the urban transformation project and end the era of building collapse.

On Tuesday, Erdogan made a statements from the Disaster Coordination Center in Albistan district of Kahramanmaraş province, which was hit by the earthquake.

Erdogan stressed again the need to stay away from dangerous buildings in the earthquake zones and urged citizens to be more careful.

He added, “We’ll work with all our strength to end the era of homes collapsing on citizens by accelerating the urban transformation project”.

He explained, “Anyone who tries to obstruct urban transformation projects with his toxic rhetoric will be tantamount to stabbing the people and the country in the back”.

He continued, “While we develop our cities and villages in the earthquake zones, our other regions facing the threat of earthquakes will also witness a rapid urban transformation”.

He stressed that his government also provided new homes for citizens afflicted in previous natural disasters without grievance to anyone, and the same will be repeated in all areas of the earthquake.

President Erdogan pointed out that the government will, within months, start building 309,000 homes, including village houses, throughout the earthquake zone.

He explained that 83,000 homes will be built in addition to 18,681 village houses in Kahramanmaraş in the first phase.

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