Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement about racism, during his return from United Nations meetings in New York.

Erdogan said that Türkiye is a state of law and the perpetrators of the violent and despicable attacks against our guests will receive the necessary punishments before the judiciary.

He added that the thing that I always insist on is that we need to use the language that tourists understand in signs and signs, especially in tourist areas.

He stressed that we cannot follow the same path as the opposition, and it’s unfortunate that racism and hostility to Islam are among the main problems that the world suffers from, and this phenomenon has turned into an epidemic.

He continued, “Those who promote racism in Türkiye are agents of circles that spread xenophobia in the Western world”.

He stressed that the security authorities in his country are taking the utmost caution against racist provocations and are intensifying their measures day after day.

The Turkish President noted that there is an attempt to create the perception that individual events fueled by marginalized groups are supported by the entire society.

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