Erdoğan pledges a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the elections and reveals his first steps if he wins


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed to accept Sunday’s election result, indicating he will resign if he loses, allaying fears that he may not leave power.

“A very silly question,” Erdoğan said, on television on Friday night, when asked if he would cling to power.

“We come to power through democratic means in Türkiye… If our nation decides otherwise, I will do what democracy requires, there is no another thing to do”.

Erdoğan added that his bloc will respect any results that come from the ballot box.

He continued, “If the opposition cares about the safety of the elections, it must monitor all polling stations and ensure safety, just as members of Erdoğan’s party do… The will of the nation cannot be compromised”.

Erdoğan believes he will be re-elected for another term, in addition to securing a parliamentary majority on Sunday.

On the other hand, the Turkish president revealed the first step he would take if he won the presidential elections scheduled for Sunday.

On Saturday, Turkish media quoted Erdoğan as saying in televised statements: “Immediately after my victory, I will visit friendly countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkish Cyprus and some Gulf countries”.

He added, “I’ll work to speed up the process of rebuilding the areas affected by the earthquake,” stressing that the earthquake cost Türkiye’s economy more than $100 billion.

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