A serious problem has been discovered in the F-22, which the Americans claim is the best fighter in the world.

The aircraft easily detects the coating or coating that absorbs the radar detector signals when it touches the fuel and lubricating oil, and appears on the radar screen.

Not only that, but the paint is being stripped and deformed after the use of the F-22 fighter in Syria under extreme heat.

John Kotim, project manager for the F-22 aircraft at Lockheed Martin, confirmed the problem, noting that sandblasting and rain not only helps to remove paint, but also restore it to its liquid state.

According to Lockheed Martin, a new coating has been found that is not being destroyed. The aircraft will be covered when they are under maintenance.

The Affection Jake club magazine says that this problem will require additional funding to support the already expensive project.

The pilots say two F-22s can easily overcome 10 aircraft belonging to the fourth generation of fighters.

It was decided, however, to stop manufacturing more F-22 fighter jets.

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