The official Syrian News Agency “SANA” reported that a number of militants of the “Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF) were killed and wounded, in a fight that broke out among them, Friday, in the city of Qamishli.

SANA quoted local sources as saying, “A fight with individual weapons and machine guns broke out between armed groups affiliated with the SDF in al Mahamqiyah neighborhood in Qamishli, which led to a number of deaths and injuries to others”.

The sources pointed out that “the fighting later spread to the central neighborhood of the city, which also led to a number wounded”, noting that “a state of terror spread among the people as a result of the violent clashes that lasted for a few hours”.

Two months ago, 3 SDF members were wounded, as a result of internal fighting between two factions affiliated to them in the city of Raqqa.

A cautious calm prevails in the Syrian Kurdish regions, nearly a month after Türkiye launched the operation “Sword-Claw”, and threatened to launch a ground attack on the cities and towns of the border strip, which is under the control of the Kurdish forces.

Earlier, the Kurdish Asayish forces, which withdrew from the areas on the lines of contact with the Turkish army, and which were subjected to continuous bombardment in the past days, began to return to their headquarters, after receiving assurances to the SDF stating that the Turkish Army had withdrawn from launching the ground military operation.

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