De Mistura: The Battle of Idlib will be bloody and will witness new levels of terror

That’s what  the UN envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, said on Friday regarding the battle of Idlib,

“if this battle occurs, it’d be “bloody” and would see a “new levels of terror”.

This was made in a speech to “de Mistura”, via a television channel from Geneva, to the participants in the Security Council in New York, to discuss the situation in the province of Idlib and its surroundings, northwest of Syria.

He added, “de Mistura”, that the civilians will not have “Idlib other” to escape it.

He warned of “a humanitarian disaster is the largest since the beginning of the war”.

“Any use of chemical weapons in Idlib would never be acceptable, and it should not happen again in Syria.

This is the position of the (UN) Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres “, the UN envoy stressed in his warnings.

“We are very concerned about the number of civilians in Idlib reaching 2.9 million, of whom 1 million are children and about 1.4 million have been displaced before, at least once”.

“These are not terrorists, they are not parties to current accounts”, he said.

De Mistura, in his testimony to the file “Separating Terrorists from Civilians in Idlib”, told Council members that he had ideas and specific theses, but preferred to put them in closed consultations.

In a subsequent comment, the UN commissioner, Nikki Haley, asked for public disclosure.

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