Criticism of Trump after he shared a video insulting Biden showing him tied and mouth gagged


Donald Trump drew criticism on Saturday for sharing a video on his platform Truth Social showing President Joe Biden bound and gagged.

The video, which was posted on Friday afternoon, includes footage of two pickup trucks carrying pro-Trump signs driving on a highway, and on the back door of the second truck was hung a picture of Biden, handcuffed and gagged, as if he had been kidnapped, and thrown into the back of the truck.

The Biden campaign warned that a post like this by Republican candidate Trump could lead to violence.

“This photo of Donald Trump is the kind of nonsense you spread when you call for a bloodbath or when you tell the Proud Boys to stand by in the back,” Biden spokesman Michael Tyler said, referring to the far-right organization that participated in the attack.

On January 6, 2021, it was launched by Trump supporters on the Capitol building.

He continued, “Trump regularly incites political violence, and it’s time for people to take him seriously… Just ask the Capitol Police officers who were attacked while protecting our democracy on January 6”.

On the other hand, the Trump campaign didn’t show any desire to issue an apology.

“Democrats and their possessed lunatics haven’t only called for despicable acts of violence against President Trump and his family, but are in fact using the justice system as a weapon against him,” spokesman Stephen Chung said.

The US Secret Service, which is charged with protecting current and former presidents, declined to comment on whether it would open an investigation after this video was published.

Trump has a long history of using hostile expressions and posting provocative images.

He warned earlier this month of a “bloodbath” if Biden wins in November.

Trump also accused immigrants in December of “poisoning the blood of Americans”.

In November, he pledged in his attack on his political rivals “to eradicate communists, Marxists, fascists, and extremist left-wing bandits who live like insects within the borders of our country”.

Biden responded by saying that Trump was using “language I heard in Nazi Germany”.

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