The death toll from the new Coronavirus in the United States on Tuesday evening outpaced the numbers of American soldiers killed over two decades in the Vietnam War, according to a toll prepared by Johns Hopkins University.

While the Vietnam War (1955-1975) claimed the lives of 58,220 American soldiers, according to the official count of the National Archives Department, the Covid-19 epidemic took until the evening of Tuesday in the United States the lives of 58,365 infected with the new coronavirus, according to the university that is a reference in Track infections and deaths from the deadly virus.

According to the official records of the Vietnamese authorities in Hanoi, 1.2 million fighters were killed in the war between soldiers of the Vietnamese People’s Army (North Vietnam) and fighters in the ranks of the National Front for the Liberation of Southern Vietnam (Viet Cong).

Vietnamese officials say the war has also killed between two and three million civilians.

The United States has recorded more than a million cases of emerging coronavirus, and is the country with the highest number of Covid-19 infections and deaths in the world.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the Coffid-19 tally in communist Vietnam bordering China is limited to 270 cases, without any deaths recorded.

Since late March, the United States has been the country with the most recorded cases of Covid-19.

The number of people living with the virus on US soil reached 500,000 less than 3 weeks ago, on April 10.

The United States is also the country with the highest number of deaths from the virus, with more than 57,200 deaths.

The epidemic in New York, where one third of the country’s injuries were recorded.

After the United States, Spain has the largest number of cases, with 210,000 injuries, followed by Italy and France.

More than 1.4 million cases were registered in Europe on Tuesday, according to a census of France Press.

The United States justified the large number of cases with a policy of increasing infection detection examinations with more than 5.6 million examinations, according to Johns Hopkins University.

On Monday evening, Donald Trump announced that America had “performed two times more tests than any other country”.

“The number of new cases in New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston and Houston is declining.

We see a limited number of places that will turn into new hotspots”.

And if the United States was actually the country that conducted the largest number of examinations relative to its population, it turned out that more than 15 countries followed a better policy to detect cases such as Iceland, Italy, Spain and Belgium, according to the “World In Data” website.

China, where the epidemic appeared in December, is the most populous country in the world, with only 83,000 cases of Covid-19 infected.

However, many believe that this number does not reflect the truth, and Washington accuses Beijing of lying about the outcome.

On the other hand, a poll published on Tuesday showed that two-thirds of Americans believe that the Coronavirus pandemic “is very likely or somewhat” to disrupt the ability to vote in the presidential elections next November.

Nevertheless, the majority of those polled by the Pew Research Center are confident that the elections will be held with integrity and accuracy.

The Pew Center reported that 67 percent of those surveyed said it was “very likely or somewhat” that the Covid-19 outbreak would disrupt Americans’ ability to vote in November.

Eighty percent of the Democrats supported that, compared to only 50 percent of Republicans.

Meanwhile, 59 percent of those polled said they were at least somewhat confident that the elections would be held with integrity and accuracy, and 63 percent said all citizens who wanted to vote would be able to do so.

US President Donald Trump on Monday rejected the claims of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, that he would try to delay the November 3 elections.

“I’ve never thought about changing the election date,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

Why would I do that?”

He continued, “I look forward to these elections, and this is just made up propaganda.

Not by Biden, but by many people who work for him.

By law, the president cannot change the date of elections alone.

“Remember my words, I think he will try to nullify the elections in some way, and find a rationale for why they cannot be held,” Biden said during an online fundraising campaign last week.

4,917 US adults participated in the Pew poll from April 7 to 12, with an error margin of more than or less than 2.1 percentage points.

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