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The key to getting into the subject of the fifth-generation war is the recent war against one of the world’s largest and most powerful Chinese technology and communications company, Huawei.

Apart from talking about the course of the war with its events and news that have appeared on the media in the recent period, it must be emphasized that the cause of that war lies in a completely different matter.

All of these Western-led efforts by the United States to block the work of China’s telecommunications and information technology companies, led by Huawei, are by chance the leading companies in technology development and communication equipment for the fifth generation of the Internet.

The fifth generation of the Internet is not just a technology that accelerates Internet connection for the enjoyment of movies, entertainment and fast online downloads.

The 5G doesn’t only have the ability to improve Internet services, but it is a way that will develop everything around us, in all walks of life.

What is going on through the development of the 5G networks and its global dissemination, is the technology that is described as Internet revolution of things or what is known as “the Internet of things”.

Many of the IT disciplines that many have studied and are now taught are no longer worth anything.

Most of these disciplines no longer exist and are no longer needed, especially as the ICT sector is developing very rapidly, with all who work is it are no is like a mouse that is running inside a wheel, as well as the artificial intelligence revolution that will reduce the need for human use in many businesses and is an integral part of the 5G revolution.

The 5G will go beyond computers and smartphones to everything that a person uses in his life – transforming the home, workplace and cars into fifth-generation smart gadgets that are connected to the Internet around the clock.

That is, human being has become completely surrounded, monitored and directed, and the greatest calamity is when this person is unaware of what is happening around him as a result of his ignorance or lack of culture and lack of education and his parallel to the world and the variables in it.

Social networks, which were without doubt the most important tools of espionage provided by the West and we’re all using them, showing our stupidity of offering our selves voluntarily, and today everyone in this world at the mercy of those platforms.

China was one of the first countries in the world that expelled most of those Western tools of the country, with its semi-independent country in the world that relied on an internal Internet network that prevented US intelligence tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to be used, even Google from entering the Chinese market, or as they said they should adhere to strict Chinese laws if they wanted to work in China, It is a market For any commodity.

Even Russia has followed China’s lead in this matter, and perhaps the blocking of LinkedIn in Russia was one such example.

The 5G will turn everything around us into smart devices.

The entire cities will become smart cities.

For example, a person will be able to control everything in his house from his mobile phone, from the washing machine to the car, which is now self-driving, steering wheel for driving up.

Of course, the capabilities of the existing telecommunications networks and the Internet don’t allow all these modern technologies, and therefore the development of the 5G networks is required to implement all of the above.

For example, stopping the internet or slowing it down will be a disaster when driving a self-propelled car, operating a plant or even performing surgery.

When we look for countries developing the 5G networks and the development of its equipment and its infrastructure, we discover that China is the first country in the world and is almost the only one that is developing the 5G networks with all its needs.

Simply because it will be waiting to buy those technologies and equipment from China, which means that China is now spying and controlling them completely.

The 5G will have a tremendous speed far superior to the 4G and 3G networks.

The 1 GB file that was required to be downloaded on the 3G network is about 20 minutes long and will be downloaded on the 4G network in just a few minutes, it’ll be downloaded within a maximum of three seconds on 5G.

The question now is…

Where we now?

We’re in LaLa land.

It’s not the speed of download, but the response time what is matter, as the current response on the 4G for example is 45 ppm, while the response time on 5G will be only one part of the second, which is an important and decisive factor to transform the world in all its details into a smart world.

The risk is that the costs of infrastructure development in countries, which are from one country to another play a role and are the determining factor in how to do these costs in terms of cost to the budget and capabilities of each country, but enough to say that the United States will have to spend more than 300 Billion dollars to develop its infrastructure in line with the requirements of the operation of 5G, while China today owns and offers devices currently working on these networks.

Therefore, the United States will have to buy the equipment and give Chinese companies the right to develop and supply these structures and equipment.

China cannot be competed in terms of cost.

Thus, this is the next point of war against China.

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