The first incident of its kind, number of casualties, dead and wounded, Friday, after clashes between Russian and Iranian forces in the provinces of Deir Al Ezor and Aleppo in Syria, according to informed local sources.

The sources told media outlets that a check point of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces stopped a convoy of Russian military police in the city of Mayadim in the countryside of Deir Al Ezor, which resulted in the disappearance turned into clashes.

The clashes between the two sides resulted in two deaths in the ranks of the Revolutionary Guard, and wounding four members of the Russian military police, according to the same sources.

In Aleppo, clashes broke out between the two sides at its international airport in the east of the city.

However, the sources pointed out that the clashes in Aleppo occurred after the claims of Russian forces to the Revolutionary Guards and groups belonging to Iran, the evacuation of the airport.

The sources confirm that tension and competition for hegemony between Russian and other Iranian forces in Syria has increased recently.

There has been no official comment by Russia or Iran on the clashes between their respective forces in Syria.

Violent clashes broke out earlier this year between the Syrian army, Fifth Corps loyal to Russia led by Brigadier General Suhail Al Hassan, and the fourth armored division supported by Iran, led by Major General Maher Al Assad, brother of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

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