Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak urged the demonstrators participating in a mass rally in Tel Aviv to engage in civil disobedience to confront the government’s plans for judicial reform.

Tens of thousands of people took to the country’s streets Saturday night to take part in the 25th week of protests against the judicial reform proposed by current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

At the main rally in Tel Aviv, Barak called on demonstrators to intensify their protests, saying they were in a new phase of struggle.

Netanyahu, who leads a right-wing coalition of conservative and religious parties, suspended plans to restructure the justice system in March after mass street protests and pressure from trade unions.

During the months that followed, negotiations between the government and the opposition failed to reach a settlement agreement.

A week ago, Netanyahu announced that he would go ahead with the reform again.

Netanyahu’s coalition seeks to deliberately limit the powers of the country’s Supreme Court, claiming its excessive interference in politics.

The Israeli government is also seeking to obtain more powers in the appointment of judges.

Critics see the move as a threat to democracy in Israel.

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