The American Foundation for the Defense of Democracy suggested that the White House would do everything in its power to prevent the draft law preventing normalization with Damascus from reaching the House of Representatives and the Senate in Congress.

The foundation said in a report that the repeated US statements indicate that the actual position of President Joe Biden’s administration is to support normalization with Assad as long as he makes appropriate concessions.

A congressional approval of the bill means that the White House may soon have to answer the most direct question about its position on normalization with Assad, and opposition to the bill may make it difficult to interpret.

The Caesar Act is still in effect, but the Biden administration didn’t adhere to its strict application, and took only a few measures.

The United States used to carry on imposing sanctions on countries as an economic tool for pressure, but in the case of Syria currently, it cannot prevent the diplomatic rehabilitation, but they are exactly the right tool to prevent diplomatic normalization from generating economic benefits.

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