The British House of Commons voted on Tuesday to withdraw from the European Union after Prime Minister Theresa May successfully snatched a concession from Brussels to introduce binding legal amendments on the Brexit.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbin called on his party’s deputies to reject the amended deal, saying “nothing has changed fundamentally in the Brexit, which the parliament rejected in January”.

Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa May announced an agreement with the EU on the exit agreement.

The agreement provides for a binding legal amendment on the Irish border.

The May declaration followed talks in Strasbourg by May with EU leaders.

May called on members of the House of Commons to support its amended plan, while European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned deputies that this is their last chance, otherwise the Brexit will not happen.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned of “the increased risk of obtaining Brexit without agreement, which could cause disruption in trade and cause chaos in the financial markets”, as he put it.

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbin said the vote against the Brexit plan was “a disastrous defeat for the May government”, calling for a vote of no confidence from the current government.

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