Breaking into the IS «Daesh» Women world

There are more than 550 women joined the organization in Iraq and Syria since the announcement of the succession «Baghdadi» alleged… the women’s ages are between 16-24 years.

Reporter Al alam channel in Cairo, that «Al Ahram Al Arabi» magazine unveiled the women’s world inside the IS «Daesh,» stormed the corridors and secrets «Harem al-Baghdadi» which they called in a special file as the «suicide bombers of Daesh» that they are the fruits of the religious discourse Sacred pursued by violence and extremism groups, and heart, the organization «Daesh» terrorist.

The report at the magazine in its weekly No. 1033,confirmed that the terrorist group attaches great importance to women, but noted at the same time that this concern does not stem from the women status in Islam, or the commandment of the Prophet, peace be upon him out, or because they «vials» should be cherish and taking care of them, but due to the strong need of their services at the organization in order to achieve their objectives, the belief that women’s access to and means of recruitment is less expensive than recruiting men.

In addition to that the terrorist operations carried out by women are even worse than those carried out by men in terms of results, and enjoy media to follow up the largest, along with women’s ability to disguise and difficult to prosecute as compared to men, and ease of mobilizing women’s passion for revenge for their parents and relatives of those killed in the ranks of the organization as a result of the battles against the regimes.

«Al Ahram Al Arabi» file included a number of important statistics that showed that France is on the top list as the lion’s share in the exporting Aldaashaat (Daesh Women) to savagery areas by 40%, along with Britain and Germany, stressing that 550 women have joined the organization in Iraq and Syria since the announcement of the succession «Baghdadi» alleged in 2014, of the total 4,000 foreign fighters, and between the ages of 16-24 years.

Also the file pointed out that the percentage of women in the organization IS «Daesh» terrorist exceed 10% of immigrants from Europe, North America and Australia, of whom 60 young British mostly schoolgirls in migrated schools to Syria, and occupies women within the organization IS Libya «Daesh Libya» 3% of the number of foreign terrorists which they coming from Tunisian and Sudanese and Chadian, mali and Algerian origions assets, and the number of women in the IS «Daesh» in the three countries, Syria, Iraq, Libya are 700 women.

The file also showed, a number names of women who are a leaders at the terrorist organization, with the duties of them that are spread between the missionary tasks legitimacy and jihadist combat and recruiting inflammatory and Women’s home, where the women within the organization is the «Bride of the Mujahedeen» and «Mother of Martyrs» and «suicide» if necessary, and «propagandist» for the terrorist group, and members of the battalion called «electronic jihad,» and «cook» the food, and the «matchmaker» married girls organization to the fighters «Mujahedeen».

«Al Ahram Al Arabi» also got a number of «Nikah» Marriage agreements form IS «Daesh» related to the so-called «the Office of the judiciary and the Ombudsman», which revealed that, the dowry of the «Nigerian Mary» is a «suicide vest» and the dowry of the Rahmatoullah «mercy of God» is a «Kalashnikov machine-gun».

All these agreements was written without the real names and they just wrote the kinetic names only, and the agreement assigned the «Sultan» as the superior of the bride if she doesn’t have a person who is superior to her.

The file however didn’t ignore the issue of the captives women, with uncovered the truth about the fact of IS «Daesh» is selling women as captive women.

«Al Ahram Al Arabi» also claimed that, they have videos for number of staff from IS «Daesh» while they discussing the prices of the captives women, with photocopies of payment receipts selling slaves, which are sold at auction at prices ranging between 500 -1000 USD, with offering discounts for the IS «Daesh» fighters with up to 50%, with price difference upon the age of the captives women, by the older captives women is less expensive, with selling the child from the age of one year up to 9 years of 165 USD, pointing out that the captives women IS «Daesh» of the abducted women of the «Aldaashaat» group and forced to live inside the Inferno the terrorist group have reached 3000 women and girls.

The file contained two dialogues, the first one to Dr. Yahya Rikhawi, the professor of psychiatry, who stressed that (Daesh Women) «Aldaashaat» the Arab women are the creature of injustice, marginalization, and second dialogue to Dr. Tharwat El-Deeb, the professor and director of the Sociology Department at the Faculty of Arts, at Al-Mansoura University in Egypt, who confirmed that the suicide bombers regulation mercenaries employed by the United States to fight this dirty war on its behalf, pointing out that poverty, ignorance and spinsterhood most important motivations for women to join IS «Daesh».

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