China’s Foreign Ministry announced its intention to impose sanctions on US companies selling arms to Taiwan.

“US arms sales to Taiwan have damaged China’s sovereignty and national security and seriously violated the basic rules of international law and international relations”, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

“To protect national interests, China will impose sanctions on US companies involved in arms sales to Taiwan,” the statement said.

At a press conference in Hungary today, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed his country’s anger at the sale of US arms to Taiwan.

“China demands that the United States fully recognize the seriousness of the Taiwan issue and not play with fire on this issue, Reunification of China and should not try to interfere in this regard”.

On July 9, Washington announced a deal to sell $ 2.2 billion worth of arms to Taiwan including Abrams tanks, Stinger missiles and related equipment, which China considered a “serious attack on international law”.

China has repeatedly expressed its rejection of US interference in its internal affairs, including the Taiwan issue.

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