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European countries should not blame Africa’s reach out to Russia and China, as shifting is gradual and has become clear today, away of the old colonized countries of the continent.

At a time countries free decision making in order to find what interest and benefit them.

During this period, the wealth and people of this continent remained a commodity that bought and sold, misused by the European colonialists, who took advantage of everything their hands reach for.

The African people have remained a tool in the hands of the West since the beginnings of the European Renaissance, and after the discovery of Americas, kidnapping and transfer Africans as slaves began in order to use them to build the wealth of the West, with no shame.

The Africans were treated far below than humans, they have no rights, no decent life, No future, they work in slave labor for little that barely keeps them alive to continue working, and woe to those who think of rebellion or escape.

They were left prey to ignorance and disease, and some Europeans say at least we turned them to Christianity!

As the world turned at the twentieth century, as law, human rights, democracy, right to self-determination, supposed to be prevail, countries were not ashamed, and let us define France and Britain in the foreground, for exploiting the population of their colonial countries, to be soldiers in the face of another European power, Nazi Germany, where the Africans were fighting in the ranks of the French army, in addition to the Africans and Indians fighting in the British army, where those “slaves” has the duty to defend Paris and London in the face of the Nazi invasion.

In addition, at the so-called “New World,” far away on the American continent, the situation of Africans is no different, as they had a duty to fight in the US army on the fronts of Europe, the Pacific and North Africa, at a time when the United States was under racist laws and customs.

Imagine here, black African soldiers, as they were in a large number of United States, especially the southern “old confederal States,” are being treated in a racial segregation manner.

No African are allowed to ride whites’ buses, nor send their children to whites’ schools, and live in neighborhoods inhabited by whites.

They had their own world that their white master built to lock them in, and when the bell of duty ring, they had to for and fight in the war, “Black Americans” soldiers were fighting within formations for them only, as Black Americans were only allowed to fight within military units designated for Blacks.

A truly shameful history for democratic countries and today racism is still there, and it is shyly covered up.

As the world is under rapid development, Africa has become more in need of real independence from Western hegemony; on the contrary, African States went to impose its conditions and undertaking brave campaign for equality to the countries of the North.

The African continent, since the sixties, has been struggling to transform into real independent states that own and invest its own resources.

However, they remained weak in the face of this great challenge amidst a state of exploitation practiced on its states, and Western European countries resorting to supporting military figures who reach power in many African countries through military coups, same as the United States did in the countries of Central and Latin America, even the United State had its share on Africa.

In addition to fueling inter-ethnic, tribal conflicts that caused bloodbaths in many African countries, and South Africa, which struggled for decades until it succeeded in liberation from the apartheid regime, with the efforts and struggle of the legendary Nelson Mandela, who became a symbol for the world.

With countries like France continuing their desperate attempts to preserve their gains and past colonial foothold in Africa, their grip has become weaker and is fading away, with the rise of the countries of the African continent towards equality, and the freedom of choice and gain their full right to invest their wealth by themselves, and the freedom to choose which countries they want to deal with, without pressure and blackmail.

The difficulties that the European Union countries are facing currently have put European governments in a very critical position, as France as an example has begun to tolerate its racist tendency, on the same time seek help from African countries.

Some Europeans say, especially with the growing influence of the European right that is traditionally opposed to foreigners and does not favor immigration to its countries, that it is mentioned that Africans came to Europe to escape from the difficult conditions of their countries, those difficult conditions that Europe and the colonial era, is responsible and one of the main causes.

The good thing comes, when some from that front opened up and tell the truth straight.

Europe and the world stood silent and listened to Mrs. Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, who spoke out on all these issues without hesitation.

Why hesitate, it is the truth!

In fact, Mrs. Meloni spoke the truth, and this was the truth even before she and Mr. Macron were born.

It is the fact on the ground, however, this is politics, as we used to see politicians and leaders attacking each other with statements and words, but when protocol requires and they meet, the they shake hands and talk in front of the cameras.

We call that diplomacy, even if the grudge left inside the chest, or appear in the body language.

With great appreciation, respect and love for Mrs. Meloni, I remind her that her country was not innocent either, as Libya and Ethiopia have long stories of suffering and woes during the Italian occupation.

The challenges that the world is facing today, especially with regard to issues that affect people’s lives in the first place, are now troubling the governments of the countries around the world, and in Africa’s case, we must ask ourselves this question… How will African countries work to develop themselves and benefit from their potentials, human and natural resources?

It is logical for geography to have the call.

Africa, with its proximity to the European continent, its sea continuity with the American continent, and its historical connection with the Asian continent, through the countries of the African-Arab continent and the Arab countries in the Asian continent, allows it to gain benefit from all sides, but the principles that most African governments adhere is by diversifying sources, and extending towards countries that have interesting capabilities that allow them to develop.

In the direction of African-Russian cooperation, it seems that the Kremlin in Moscow realized early the importance of returning to play a role in the African continent, which is the motive for starting continuous communication with the countries of the African continent through the Russian-African summit and its economic forum.

The Russian efforts towards re-engagement with the African continent have begun serious and comprehensive approach, as Sochi Africa-Russian summit and its first economic forum in 2019 was the beginning of the path towards the continuation of this approach, and resurrect and restore the old ties and relations that brought together many African countries and the Soviet Union in the past.

At a time when Africa was facing European colonialism and struggling to gain their independence, or to get rid of an authoritarian rule that came with a military coup backed by the West, the Soviet Union was establishing Patrice Lumumba of the Friendship of Peoples University (the Congolese prominent figure, and the first elected prime minister in the history of the Congo after its independence from the Belgian occupation), in 1960, which graduated cohorts of personalities and individuals who enriched their countries.

At that era when socialism was dominating, there was strong need for the African countries to regain control over their wealth and capabilities and distribute them fairly among their peoples.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, and despite the decline of socialist tendencies, the reality of the link between the peoples of Africa and the Eurasian continent remained very important.

Therefore, the policies of Russia and China come in harmony on the path of strengthening their presence in Africa and paving the way for the countries of the continent to rise further.

The magnitude of the challenges necessitated uniting efforts, so the emergence of organizations and groups for cooperation was an important direction to strength relations and advance towards a better future.

There is severe confusion in Europe due to dependence on US policies, which have brought Europe today on unpresented dilemma, especially in the economic sector, as all the prosperity of the past two decades are drifting with winds away.

As the Europeans endeavor to revive their, which are deteriorating day after day, Europe is returning again to Africa in search for solutions to their problems.

Most European countries need resources, which for decades they have been getting from Africa and Russia at the lowest prices.

Therefore, Africa today is in race between East and West, we must only mention that today’s Africa is different from yesterday’s Africa.

Countries that have suffered from coups, extremism, and ethnic and tribal massacres are rising with the help of new friends, who have no greed, because they simply possess the same resources.

Taking Russia, for example, it does not need gold, minerals, diamonds, gas, oil, or wheat, all of which already available.

Russia is looking for friends in Africa, and they are the same old friends of the Soviet Union who are returning.

Russia and China are not competing or in a race on the African continent with Europe, because both countries know very well the strategic requirements that serves the interests, and the beautiful thing here is that the interests of the African countries intersect in a wonderful way with the Russian and Chinese interests, as there is no exploitation, occupation, or plundering of wealth here.

All who observe changes in international alliances today realizes the truth of what is going on, without ambiguity, as after long decades, Africans continued to pay high prices for gestures coming from those who do not respect their humanity, at a time when their human suffering remained a way for some Western celebrities to publicly market their “false humanity”.

Africa does not need to be rescued, it needs a friend who offers and works hand in hand.

Africa is not a beggar… Africa is free, strong, rich, independent… Times are changing, and here we are witnessing that.

Today, Africa has friends who will be among them in the coming years, changing the concept of globalization.

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