Since he’s been elected president of the most powerful country in the world, or a little before that, we have only known one image of Biden’s face, a face without sense… Cold, neutral, expressionless, except for an expression of imbecility.

This poker face is missing one thing: to be stamped with the phrase of “Made in the US of A”.

Joe Biden was angry… He stated this following the bombing of the Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

He was also shocked… he said that… It’s difficult to imagine the angry and shocked expression on his face… how? Really how?

This isn’t a metaphorical question… How could the muscles of that face contract or its features change? This is confusing!

From an artistic standpoint, Biden’s appearance doesn’t tempt any photographer or painter.

He will immediately say, Not a portrait… How could this face be angry or express shock? how? This requires help!

The US administration should have considered appointing a special assistant for the president’s facial expressions, besides the barber, the official spokesman, a cook, and the courtiers, how did no one notice that the president of the “Free world” needs something more intuitive?

A man by his side, a gestural interpreter, let’s say… this is necessary.

When the president gets angry, the translator furrows his brow; He furrows his eyebrows.

When the president is shocked, the mime’s pupils dilate.

No gestural translator available?

There’s always a Plan B: an electronic pad attached to his neck.

A medium-sized iPad that hangs on the chest and contains the expressions of the president, whose features are expressionless.

A group of emojis that express psychological and emotional states and are displayed simultaneously with his positions.

Otherwise, how can we understand? The message isn’t getting through here.

The third world people need this… Nothing, except for the image to match the meaning… We’re emotional people who are motivated by secondary and marginal matters such as the killing of children… We feel sad about that… We have plenty of time to grieve… Our lives aren’t matters of calculation… We feel and express… Many times, we don’t do this verbally… Words are short when continuous death sweeps us on the wings of airplanes… It’s enough to look into each other’s faces… So we don’t understand Joe when he says he feels sad and shocked… As for his feeling of anger, that is a story that we won’t believe.

No, Joe doesn’t get angry!?

Sleepy Joe, as his rival Donald Trump called him, speaks out.

The words creep into his mouth.

It’s not known exactly what mechanism it activates to form sentences, but that is due to his honesty.

During his recent visit to the “Promised Land,” a few sentences came out of his mouth, “Israel… you are not alone and the United States is by your side; You are a Jewish and democratic state and you respect the rules of war; I was shocked by what happened in the hospital as a result of a missile fired by mistake from Gaza… I feel angry and deeply saddened by the explosion that occurred in the hospital; We won’t stand idly by after Hamas’ attacks on Israel”.

He said other things in Tel Aviv, then his advisors had to correct them during his return on the plane.

The important thing is that Biden completed a very successful visit to Israel.

He didn’t roll off the plane’s stairs, neither during the descent nor during the ascent.

He didn’t shake hands with the ghosts… He didn’t fall asleep in any of his meetings, and he recognized Netanyahu immediately.

Uncle Joe, the US president has a unique face, let’s admit it.

Let’s also acknowledge that American uniqueness has produced in recent years two presidents in a row who represent the era.

They are both over eighty years old.

One is rude and the other is ironic.

There is then room for democracy, which is intended to be exported, to choose between these two models, but it is a free choice, we must not forget that.

Let’s put that aside, now you have to do something, Joe… You have an election station in a year… You’re not the one referred to in the book “The System of Triviality,” published by Canadian thinker Alain Deneault.

These Canadians and their nonsense!

He probably means Trump… You’re only missing one thing; Your features… Remember where you put it?

Here there are peoples and nations who don’t understand you.

Take heart… Restore the prestige of a leader… In your case, you appear to be the official spokesperson for your features.

It’s not there but you are speaking on her behalf… “I feel angry… I feel shocked,” but where is the shock and where is the anger?

We don’t see them, which is strange… Usually that doesn’t happen.

This may shock you, but it doesn’t.

In the outside world that you see from where you are, this is reality: each one of us is stuck with his features.

If he gets angry, there is no need to express it with words.

It’s enough to read the page of his face… We understand immediately.

In your case, you and your facial expressions are separate.

Loose… Is this normal for you?

How did you pass the entrance exam to the Presidential Club?

The point is things are rolling around here, Joe.

I think you know what that means.

You’ve been rolling around a lot lately.

We watched a video in which you almost tripped but didn’t fall though.

They applauded you… This is an improvement… decent… It’s not important that we stumble at the beginning.

The important thing is that we get there in the end, but there is something that worries us here.

Lately, you have often been forced to amend and correct what you say.

Unlike your facial features, this is something you should take seriously.

We may be headed for World War III.

Fox News says your mistakes in the Middle East could cost you the White House.

You compare your presidency to that of Jimmy Carter.

Well, Fox News says that it was the Middle East crisis that brought down Carter!? (Not the failed US hostage rescue operation in Iran).

You suggest that recent events are raising more similarities between you, and this is worrying your campaign team.

Look at what they have had to do so far… I provided a problematic answer that raised many question marks about the possibility of the US army siding with Israel in the event of a war against Hezbollah.

This is no joke… They later quoted you as saying that reports that the United States would help Israel in such a situation were incorrect.

It also seems that your statements that you made during your meeting with the leaders of the Jewish community caused embarrassment and prompted the White House, of which you are the master, to issue a clarification on the matter.


During the meeting, you confirmed that you saw pictures of terrorists beheading children.

After that, the White House confirmed that you and US officials hadn’t seen photos or independently verified that Hamas had beheaded children.

They were forced to say that you based your comments (note the professionalism in the wording) on ​​the allegations of a Netanyahu spokesman, and media reports originating in Israel, and this was reported by the Washington Post.

On another occasion, the White House retracted your answer, in which you seemed to agree that Israel should postpone a possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip until more prisoners were released.

A White House spokesman said you were away and didn’t hear the question correctly.

They said you were boarding Air Force One when a journalist shouted the question over the sounds of the plane’s engines.

What kind of person would ask such questions to the sounds of Air Force One engines?

They had to say that the question seemed to you, “Would you rather see more hostages released? And you replied yes”.

This is not fair… You don’t have to answer all the questions.

You don’t have to answer the sounds of Air Force One’s engines.

You are the president of the most powerful country in the world.

You have the right to do whatever you want.

They don’t understand that.

They gossip about you a lot, Joe.

The gossip doesn’t stop.

Your opponent Trump is bitter and mean… He always says, “Sleepy Joe, Sleepy Joe,” did you know they filmed you while you were sleeping during the UN Climate Change Conference?

This is also not fair.

They imagine that the President of the United States is “Superman”.

It doesn’t work that way for those who wake up early and have to lead the world.

That’s not the worst of it… They also filmed you falling asleep during a military parade.

This time I was standing!

Isn’t this unique?

Can the Chinese President do this?

It’s not your fault that you’re falling asleep, Joe.

Maybe just increase it a little.

This only happens to a few elderly Arab leaders during the Arab League summit and its boring speeches.

As for you, you must lead the world and defeat China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and the rest of the evil people.

not only this… They also circulate strange clips of you in which you appear shaking hands in the air after the end of your speech.

We saw that… Members of your department felt embarrassed, but why the hell didn’t they put someone there to shake hands with in the first place?

They also shared a clip during a joint press conference with your Brazilian counterpart… Poor Lola!

The conference ended, I shook hands with the translator and left… This was a little strange.

But that’s okay, Joe.

decent… You’re moving forward… The important thing is, Joe, the situation here is taking a turn.

You understand what that means.

We are heading into World War III.

Wake up… wake up, Joe.

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