A medical source confirmed that the terrorist Abu Mohammed Al Julani the leader of the “Al Sham Liberation Organization (formerly known as Al Nusra Front) the Syrian Branch of Al Qaida was transferred to a hospital in the state of Hatay, in Turkey after his procession was targeted by a roadside bomb in Idlib two days ago.

Media reports reveals that the leader of the terrorist organization, Abu Mohammed Al Julani, was seriously injured in a double explosion targeted his procession in the Syrian city of Idlib on Monday, as Turkish medical source said that Al Julani was transferred on Monday evening to a government hospital in the Turkish state of Hatay border with Syria after being seriously injured during a double bombing that targeted a convoy in the Syrian city of Idlib.

The source said in a statement: “Yesterday evening, a person was seriously injured in the head after a bombing in the Syrian city of Idlib, to the government hospital in the city of Antakya under the jurisdiction of Hatay”.

The source added: “The person who was transferred to the hospital was injured by shrapnel in the head, resulting in a concussion in the brain and underwent a surgery in the head”, following that “the person who is infected is Abu Muhammad Al Julani”.

The source pointed out that Al Julani was placed in the intensive care unit and his condition is serious where he entered into a coma”.

Special sources in Idlib told the Russian “Sputnik” news agency on Monday (February 18th) that the general leader of Al Qaeda in Syria, Abu Muhammad Al Julani, was wounded during the double bombing that targeted his convoy this afternoon.

The sources from inside Idlib, that two of his companions from Uzbekistan were killed by the explosion that occurred in the district of the palaces within the southern section of the city of Idlib.

A source of the White Helmets, the civil arm of the Al Nusra Front, said that the gunmen of the terrorist organization had beaten a security cordon, stressing the surgical specialty hospital in which Al Julani had received basic medical treatment, before being rushed to an unknown location outside Idlib, his guards are tight.

The source revealed that the final outcome of the bombings amounted to 24 dead, including 11 militants of foreign nationalities, in addition to more than 32 injured, the overwhelming majority of them in a dangerous situation.

The local sources have confirmed to “Sputnik”, that two violent explosions shook the city of Idlib a few minutes, the first caused by an explosive device placed in a car, and the second car bomb hit the area of ​​the palaces south of the city of Idlib.

The sources revealed that the two explosions occurred near one of the main headquarters of the “Al Sham Liberation Organization”.

The sources pointed out that it was scheduled to hold a meeting within this one of the headquarters of the organization, including leaders in the first row, including the general leader of the terrorist group called “Abu Muhammad Al Julani”.

The sources confirmed that the explosion coincided with the presence of a security convoy believed to be following Al Julani as he passed through the area of Al Qosour in the city of Idlib.

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