The European Court of Justice ruled in favor of 67 immigrants and asylum seekers, including Syrians, and awarded them financial compensation, after they filed a case about the mistreatment they subjected to in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos between 2017 and 2018.

The European court, which based in Strasbourg, France, condemned Greece in its ruling, and highlighted the inhumane and degrading conditions of detention for asylum seekers, in addition to overcrowding and the difficulties arising from it, and the acute lack of basic materials.

The migrants claimed that, upon their arrival at the camp, they placed in an open-air cage of only 40 square meters, where they were given one sandwich for food, and a bottle of drinking water daily, and reported having to sleep on the floor.

In turn, Greek human rights expert Vassilis Sherdaris said that Greece once again condemned for its inhuman and degrading treatment and poor living conditions in migrant centers, which highlights the need to change the behavior and mentality of local authorities dealing with human life.

He added, “Negligence and behavior that devalues ​​human life shouldn’t only be tolerated and belittled in the modern state of law, but should have legal consequences”.

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