Over the past two years, the frequency of targeting the Russian base of Hmeimim on the Syrian coast has increased by armed groups based in Idlib.

These groups were launching drone and missile attacks to target the base, successfully defended by defenses.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said his ministry is focusing in Syria on protecting the infrastructure of the Hmeimim base and Tartous bases and maintaining the readiness of Russian weapons and equipment there.

Shoigu said during a meeting in Moscow on Tuesday: “At the base of Hmeimim provide all necessary for aviation, and the port of Tartous is witnessing the continuation of processing facilities and maintenance of ships of the Russian navy fleet”.

He added: “Today we give priority to the tasks of ensuring the security and safety of weapons and special equipment of the Russian forces there, and to maintain its combat readiness”.

Russian Defense: The experience of repelling drone attacks in Syria will be discussed before a CIS committee

The minister pointed out that efforts to equip the infrastructure of the two bases take into account various possible negative factors, from weather conditions to the sudden terrorist attacks without giving further details.

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