A Syrian girl with her father was a victim of Polish soldiers


Last Tuesday, December 27, the Belarusian borders guard found a Syrian citizen near the Polish fence, next to him the body of his daughter, according to a statement from the Belarusian borders Guard.

The Belarusian borders guards said, in a statement, that the Syrian refugee explained that they had stayed on the territory of Poland for 3 days, and they were detained by people in some way, and the girl was in a critical condition, but the Polish security forces took the backpacks that had warm clothes and food from them, and put her in a car and drove towards the border.

“Despite the fact that the girl was on the verge of death, almost not breathing, the Polish soldiers ordered the foreigner to carry the body of his daughter on his shoulders, and pushed him through the gate, the statement added.

According to the Border Commission, this is the seventh death of refugees at the border with Poland.

The migration crisis had worsened on the borders of Belarus with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, where refugees flowed since the beginning of 2021, and sharply at the beginning of November of that year, but it stopped significantly after European countries deployed borders guard forces intensively along the borders with Belarus.

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