One of the Russian Military Police patrols penetrated a US army checkpoint, after a desperate attempt by the latter to prevent it from passing within an area very close to the oil wells and fields in northeastern Hasakah, eastern Syria, to end the skirmish after a unique Russian helicopter maneuvered meters above the US checkpoint.

A number of armored vehicles belonging to the US forces, on Wednesday, the 26 of August, they tried to prevent a number of Russian military police armored vehicles that were conducting regular patrols at the border triangle (Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish), but they did not succeed in that after the intervention of Russian helicopters.

The reporter continued, quoting field sources in Hasakah countryside, that armored vehicles belonging to the Russian army were patrolling the first of its kind in the vicinity of the city of al Malikiyah in the far northeast of Syria, specifically near the villages of (Aarour Fawqani) and (Tal Ziarat), on the road leading to the pumping station (Tal Adas), which has a large number of oil wells belonging to the governmental Rumailan Oil Fields Directorate.

Videos showed one of the Russian helicopters stormed a common checkpoint of the US army and the organization of the SDF under it, after preventing the Russian patrol from completing its way, as the helicopter managed to raise a large dust storm after flying a few meters above the checkpoint. And for a full minute, in a unique scene that resulted in the end of the US army soldiers and the militants loyal to them retreating, and paving the way for the Russian patrol that returned via the (Malikiyah – Qamishli) road to its base at Qamishli International Airport.

A patrol consisting of several military vehicles accompanied by a helicopter was run by the Russian forces in the countryside of al Malikiyah at the Syrian-Turkish border in the far northeast of Hasakah, on Tuesday, August 25th, coinciding with a US patrol stationing on the road between the town of al Malikiyah and Rmelan, with the aim of intercepting the patrols.

The Russian Federation heads to the “Semalka” illegal border crossing with the northern region of Iraq.

Meanwhile, Russian forces in Syria announced the erection of a mobile bridge over the Euphrates River in Syria, to cross military vehicles in Deir al Zour, in cooperation with the Syrian forces.

A spokesman for the Russian forces in Syria stated that the site was chosen to erect the bridge over the Euphrates River, taking into account the depth and strength of the current, noting that “more than four and a half meters depth – it is a dangerous level, meaning that the floating bridge may not remain at the water’s edge, and it may simply be carried or submerged by the water.
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