A Possible Obama comeback to lead the tumbling Democratic party

The former US President Barack Obama may lead the Democratic Party for the mid-term elections, in order to regain momentum.

The American Newsweek magazine said in a report published today that there is a vacuum at the top of the pyramid of the Democratic party, and there are many Democratic activists are demanding Obama to take responsibility, accusing the former president of staying on of the sense at a time when the party is in a state of chaos.

The report said that some Democrats see their party as a ruthless ship after the defeat of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House in 2016.

The report confirmed that Clinton after that resounding defeat and the damage that she suffered with her reputation was shattered during the campaign which lead to her downfall and her be unable to lead nor carry on responsibility towards the party, and Obama went to the shadow also in a move believed to be aimed at giving way to a «new hope» for new faces that can lead the party, but it has not yet emerged.

The report said that the Democratic Party, with the midterm elections scheduled for November, is in dire need of a qualified figure that could defeat the Republicans.

As for the most prominent Democratic leaders Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, each plan to run for the next presidential election in 2020, depriving them of the opportunity to take over leadership of the party at the moment.

The report pointed out that there are indications that Obama is preparing to activate his political activities, where there were reports of separate meetings with some members of the party who are considering the possibility of running for presidential elections, and gave them advice and discussed with them the strategy of the party in the struggle against Trump and the republicans.

At the same time, Obama’s «Organization for America» project is also preparing for the mid-term elections, launching 18 campaigns to win the support of ordinary citizens.

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