Russian Defense Ministry announced the implementation of the final phase of a new space project, a space system for radar intelligence “Liana”.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Liana system allows the observation of the surface of our planet almost entirely, and includes a group of satellites located in orbits with a height of about 100 km.

Will be completed this year when two Lautus-S spacecraft will be launched into orbit, with detection equipment and observation of sites on the ground.

The equipment that will be deployed in space allows the discovery of a body on the surface of the earth with the dimensions of a normal car and the direction of high-precision rocket weapons.

In addition, it is reported that the idea of ​​the development of Liana came from the Soviet space system of the Naval Intelligence and the targeting of “Legenda” (myth), but the spacecraft covered by the launch of orbits up to 25 km, which limits the ability to detect sites Marine and ground.

One representative of the local military space industry commented on the event, drawing attention to the fact that modern spacecraft, even civilian ones, could, if necessary, organize closed military communication channels.

However, space radar surveillance systems are so specific and complex that only a limited number of countries can develop and launch them in space.

There is a US counterpart to Liana, the US radar system, which consists of only three satellites, and which so far cannot compete with the Soviet space group in the possibilities available.

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