The Israeli “Israel Defense” magazine revealed the production of a new Israeli missile guided to destroy the Russian systems of “S 300/S 400”.

According to the magazine, Wednesday, the Israeli defense industry “Rafael” succeeded in the production of a new rocket used from long distances to hit targets above and under the ground called “ROCKS”.

The Israeli magazine said that this new missile can destroy the tunnels easily, and it can hit the batteries “S-300/S 400” anti-aircraft missiles Systems.

The magazine pointed out that the missile is intelligent and sophisticated and equipped with a warhead capable of destroying any target, even in very fortified areas, and that the Israeli company was exposed missile at the exhibition of defense industries in India “AeroIndia 2019”.

The Israeli said that the new missile is characterized by the destruction of strong areas and underground, and that also characterized by precision correction.

On the other hand, Israel is also exhibiting in its exhibition “AeroIndia 2019” its new march aircraft dedicated to destroying enemy military vehicles.

The manufacturer of this helicopter, called “Mini Harpy”, published a video showing the moment of destruction of the MZ-K-T-7930.

Because the mechanism is part of the S-300 and S-400 Russian air defense systems, the experts considered that the Israeli aircraft’s function was to combat these systems, they called it the S-300 killer.

“It doesn’t pose a threat to the S-300 and S-400 systems”, said Professor Vadim Kuzulin, a professor of the Russian Military Academy of Sciences, commenting on the Israeli drone.

“Russia has a response to these aircraft”.

“The Russian engineers invented and manufactured many anti-aircraft means, including the so-called Krasukha”, Professor Kosiulin said in a press statement, noting that the “Krasukha” could “bury” these drones.

The “Krasukha” system is a means of electronic warfare, disability and confusion.

On the other hand, a Russian military expert considered that Israel’s review of its Drone, which claimed to be capable of destroying Russian air defense systems “S-300” and “S-400”, is only a cheap promotion.

The head of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues in Russia, Constantine Sekovov, that the Drone will never be able to destroy any of these systems, because it will be intercepted and destroyed before reaching the target, and perhaps the moment of launch immediately.

“I don’t think this Drone will be able to penetrate the S-300 and S-400 systems alone”, Sekovov said in a press statement Thursday, adding that the aircraft is equipped with anti-radar missiles and must go into the air defense system. There is no other possibility to use it, and if the plane enters the S-300 and S-400 range, it will be destroyed immediately.

So the talk here is about carrying out the destruction mission through intense attack and hope that our system will fail to intercept all aircraft and one of them can reach, but one plane will not be able to destroy the system. The aircraft was named “S-300” and “S-400” for promotional purposes.

The Russian expert pointed out that Israeli Drones have a low-altitude flight path, leading to the loss of control from the flight control center on the ground.

And therefore unlikely to be controlled, and since Israel does not have such machines, the weak point of this plane is that the march is not faster than the sound.

During the exhibition held in India, Israel presented its march, as well as new rockets, while the media called it the S-300 and S-400 killer.

However, there is little information about the Drone itself, since the manufacturer only provided animations.

It is known that the plane weighs about 45 kg, and its warhead weighs 8 kg and has a range of 100 km.

The Israeli company showed in an animation about how to destroy a radar-guided aircraft installed on a platform similar to the S-300 and S-400.

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