A new Escape: Biden’s son confess to charges of tax evasion and possession of weapons


Hunter Biden, son of the US President Joe Biden pleaded guilty to two tax misdemeanors and strike a deal with federal prosecutors on the gun charge, the US Department of Justice said on Tuesday.

The plea agreement will have immediate repercussions for the 2024 presidential elections, according to CNN.

According to the report filed in federal court in Delaware, Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to two federal tax misdemeanors and one count of gun possession.

He will appear in court to plead guilty to the charges later.

The charges detailed in a criminal filing in US District Court in Delaware, where Attorney General David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, is conducting an investigation that at one point explored allegations of money laundering, foreign pressure and other potential charges.

Hunter Biden’s attorney, Christopher Clark, said in a statement that the deal with federal prosecutors would solve the Justice Department’s long-running criminal investigation into the president’s son.

He added, “I know that Hunter believes it’s important to take responsibility for these mistakes that he made during the turbulent and addictive period of his life… He is looking forward to continuing his recovery and moving forward”.

For his part, former President Donald Trump criticized Hunter Biden’s guilty plea deal, and said that the Department of Justice in the Biden administration had “erased hundreds of years of criminal accountability” by granting Hunter Biden what he described as “just a traffic violation,” adding that “our system is broken”.

House Speaker, Republican Kevin McCarthy, denounced what he described as “preferential treatment” for the president’s son.

For his part, Joe Biden continued to express his confidence in his son, Hunter, on Tuesday.

Asked by reporters during his trip to California if he had spoken to Hunter Biden on Tuesday, the president said, “I’m very proud of my son”.

“The President and First Lady love and support their son as he continues to rebuild his life,” the White House said in a statement… We have no further comment”.

It’s noteworthy that Hunter Biden has a long history of drug abuse, and has publicly acknowledged his struggle with addiction on multiple occasions during his path to recovery.

The maximum penalty for the firearms charge is 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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