A meesage of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the American people (2)

Afghans have been burning for four decades in wars imposed on them, thirsting for peace and a just order, but they will never tire of the legitimate, religious, defensive and patriotic resistance against the forces of your occupied countries that desire war.

The Afghan people have made all sacrifices yesterday and today to preserve their religious values and independence, if he sold his independence today, it would be a great treachery with his honorable history and betrayal of his heroic ancestors.

Afghanistan is a country that has always lived free and independent throughout its history spanning thousands of years.

Even in the 19th and 20th centuries, where European occupiers occupied most of the Muslim world, Afghanistan remained the only country among its neighbors that preserved its independence.

After 80 years of colonial efforts to occupy this country, this innate attraction of freedom in the hearts and minds of Afghans and this spirit and historical sequence is what is pushing today the people of the resistance to continue against your occupation forces naked, and is not exaggeration, but is a fact known that The fanatical Afghan jihadists are racing among themselves to carry out guerrilla attacks on your troops at the moment.

This is not a battle without gains, but progress is made daily and Afghans are liberated from areas of their own country.

Currently, the head of the US Department of Special Assistance in Afghanistan (SIGAR) recognizes that 60% of the territory of Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban (Islamic Emirate).

I have influenced some of the countries of the world rumors of your military officials during the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and were aligned with the strategy of US President George W. Bush at the time, but the situation is different now and we actually see your government’s loss of that international solidarity, and even many countries within your military alliance withdrew their soldiers from Afghanistan After realizing the facts and seeking understanding and political settlement, the international community now supports the propaganda and demands of our people against the brutal American occupation.

If your Government persists in perpetuating the war in Afghanistan by making baseless excuses for it, it will be a major blow to America’s standing and prestige at the international level.

O American people! Since in your American society the choice of the ruler and the government is in the hands of the people, and the elected rulers are elected by the votes of the citizens, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan represents the will of the Afghan people.

You and the American people and those who wish for peace ask you to put your endpoint to the Afghanistan war through direct pressure Insistence on perpetuating the war in Afghanistan and the survival of a government without will as a corrupt Kabul regime would have serious consequences for the stability of the region as a whole and for America as well.

The Afghans regret that the entire American people are the victims of a war policy of a limited number of arrogant rulers, and the hatred towards them grows every day in the world!

Civil experts, members of Congress who want peace, directors and officials of free civil organizations should ask your government officials why the American peoples are so insecure and the cause of excessive hatred towards them at home and abroad, with all its international viability.

How long will your developed country and your children be the victim of war policies for your officials who wish to fight?

Finally, what is the usefulness of the war-seeking policy for your country?!

O American people!

Your president and all the military and political officials on his war line are still talking about the nozzles of weapons.

They are even spreading counterfeit numbers in their favor about the ongoing war.

They are shedding the ashes in your eyes and the eyes of the entire world.
At the moment, peaceful understanding in contemporary politics is the place of strength and weaponry.

According to US forces, it carried out 751 air raids in September according to the new Trump strategy.

In addition to using all its other forces in Afghanistan, ask your generals if they have managed to recover one inch of the Taliban using all this excessive force.

Strength and stability?!

If you do not show the American people the failed policy of your president Trump and his inexperienced war advisers, look at their unreasonable decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, which made America stand against more than 128 countries in the world and against all the Arab, Islamic and free peoples.

It is a shame that an advanced people like the American people are facing such an international boycott.

As a result of its war policy, it has inflicted itself in a clear clash with most of the world.

America continues to insist on this insane policy.

The Islamic Emirate of America has demanded from the beginning that its problems be solved with the Islamic Emirate through negotiations.

The use of force has dire consequences, and perhaps you now realize the bad consequences of the American occupation of Afghanistan.

If you have tried the force for another hundred years and you have tried hundreds of other new strategies, the result will be the new Trump strategy that you saw, in the past six months.

In our view there is still time for the American people to realize that the Islamic Emirate by representing its people can solve the problem with any other party through sound politics and talks.

The use of force without hesitation complicates the issue further and distinguishes it from its control, and the American people should be aware of this point, that the Islamic Emirate is in the right solution to the issues of what and what they have and assume the responsibilities entrusted to them, but that does not mean that we Tired and or lost our will, but our position is to use logic before weapons, and what is obtained by logic must not be lost by the use of force, and considered the Islamic Emirate that it is its duty to inform you and your understanding, the American people these facts.

We must say that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is making legitimate efforts to liberate its country.

It is our natural and human right to have our country independent without occupation.

The demand to liberate our country and establish an Islamic system according to our people’s ideology cannot be considered terrorism in any law.

We have proved this in practice for the past 16 years, and we do not authorize others to use the territory of Afghanistan against the rest of the countries.

The war imposed on us was not our choice, we prefer to resolve the issue of Afghanistan peacefully, America must end its occupation and you recognize the rights The legitimate people of Afghanistan We want to build good and constructive relations with the countries of the world and the neighborhood.

We welcome their assistance in the areas of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country.

We want to play a prominent role in the stability and peace of the region and the world, and to provide the right environment for quality normative education, to provide jobs for our people, and for women, men, children and the elderly to enjoy all their human and legitimate rights, and to save our youth from drugs and moral corruption, and to provide jobs for everyone so as not to force our citizens to leave their homeland and flee to other countries.

In conclusion, insisting on perpetuating the war in Afghanistan and keeping US forces here is not in the interest of anyone, first of all America, but that puts the stability of the whole world in danger, a clear fact that can only be denied by your arrogant officials.

If you are seeking peaceful understanding with the Afghans and the world, you should understand your president, the congressional officials and the Pentagon, and force them to choose the policy of sound peaceful logic towards Afghanistan.

This is the best step for you, the Afghans and the whole world.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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