A huge move that means a lot in this very timing … Assad meets Putin in Suchi

Syrian president Bashar Al Assad visits Russia, and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin stated during the meeting that «During the meeting we discussed today, the following joint steps on continuing the war to against terrorism in Syria.

We discussed the successes and achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism and the restoration of stability in the country.

In this regard, President Assad confirmed that he would send a list of candidates for membership of the Committee to discuss the new Syrian Constitution from the Syrian government as soon as possible to the United Nations.

Russia welcomed this decision and supports it, in light of the agreements reached by the National Dialogue Conference,…

Besides activating the political process, we believe that it is necessary to take the necessary steps to support the economy in Syria…

And also the need to resolve complex humanitarian issues…

We look forward to the support of the United Nations and all countries concerned to resolve the crisis in Syria…

We affirm that with the great victories and notable successes of the Syrian Arab Army in the war on terror, and with the activation of the political process, all foreign forces must be withdrawn from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic».

From his part, President Assad said: «Our meeting today was fruitful in every sense of the word.

At first, we evaluated the military situation, and our assessment was positive for what has been achieved in the course of combating terrorism, especially the impact of these military operations on the restoration of the situation and the return of citizens to their homes.

I would like to thank President Putin and the Russian government, which did not stop during the various stages of the crisis from providing humanitarian support to the Syrian citizens who were displaced from different areas because of terrorism.

We also discussed the issue of economic cooperation, especially the increasing investments of Russian companies recently in Syria in various
fields, and what are the possible steps to push more companies to invest in Syria and participate in reconstruction.

We have also evaluated the political process over the past months, especially after the Sochi Conference, and after several rounds of the Astana Conference.

We have talked about the steps needed to push this process forward.
Of course, we have focused mainly on the Sochi Conference discussion committee, which will begin with the United Nations.

Syria should send its candidates to this committee to start discussing the current constitution at the earliest opportunity».

This visit from Assad to meet Putin, what it seems to be a part of the results that came out of recent Astana meeting, which the Syrian opposition delegation expressed, their «Mistake» that been made by using force against the Syrian government, and the importance of reaching a final agreement in order to end the war in Syria.

The recent outcomes on the ground that been accomplished by the Syrian army with Russian and Iranian support bring the tied in a significant way on the side of the Syrian government which set for putting an end of the horrible war in Syria.

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