The Pentagon is looking for sources to supply Ukraine, Latvia and Taiwan with programs for artillery systems for use with the HIMARS missile systems

The Pentagon said Friday that it is seeking to identify potential sources of artillery data systems that could be used with HIMARS high-mobility artillery missile systems in Ukraine, Latvia and Taiwan.

“The US Army Contracting Command issues this notice, seeking to conduct market research to identify potential sources of interest, available industry technologies and the ability to meet foreign military sales requirements”.

“The purpose of the market and sourcing research is to identify interested sources who are certified and able to provide requirements for Taiwan, Latvia and Ukraine,” the US Army said in the notification.

The notice added that the US Army is looking for providers of International Field Artillery Tactical Data System software, related training and system support.

The notification required interested parties to provide a brief description of their companies and their ability to meet the requirements.

The notice added that there can be multiple requests.