The amount of gas leaks on Nord Stream pipelines has Reduced

The amount of gas leaks in at least two of Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea has sharply decreased.

The Swedish Coast Guard said this Friday evening that at the surface of the water above the two smaller leaks in the Swedish economic zone, gas started to leak only in an area of ​​twenty meters in diameter.

The Swedish Coast Guard added that the leak, which was constant before, also decreased at the larger hole of these two and regressed to an area of ​​about 600 meters in diameter.

After a dialogue with the operating company, it considered that the leaks may stop the day after, Sunday.

Of the four leaks, two occurred in the Swedish Economic Zone, and two in the Danish Economic Zone.

As the two countries previously reported in a letter to the United Nations Security Council, the radius of the two leaks on the Swedish side on Thursday were about 900 meters and 200 meters, while the two leaks on the Danish side were 555 meters and 680 meters.