Yeni Şafak: Ankara handed a document including three demands to normalize with Damascus


On Saturday, the Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper, which is close to the Justice and Development party (AKP) Government, revealed information about a document were presented by Ankara during the 20th round of the Astana meetings held last week, including three demands for normalization with Damascus.

According to sources who Yeni Şafak quoted the information by, that Ankara expects satisfactory messages from the Damascus government regarding the three demands, which includes an honorable and safe return of refugees, and cooperation in combating terrorism.

The sources claimed that the Turkish side asked a question about the party that will guarantee the security of the region in the event of the withdrawal of Turkish forces from northern Syria.

The source pointed out that Damascus is unhappy with the current situation of the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units,” the main component of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) controlling over northeastern Syria, due to the continuous theft of Syrian oil and grains, orchestrated and done by the US forces in the region.

Regarding the return of the refugees’ issue, the source explained that Ankara wants a written commitment from Damascus that guarantees the return of Syrian refugees to their country in safety and dignity, providing return to the safe areas, and then those who want can return to their areas of origin.

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