The US Central Command (Centcom) announced the deployment of F22 Raptor fighters in the area of ​​responsibility of the US Central Command in Syria, after tension with Russian aircraft there.

The responsibility of the United States Central Command includes the Middle East region, including Syria, and Egypt in Africa, Central Asia and parts of South Asia, but the US statement meant Syria specifically.

The US Central Command, “Centcom”, said in a statement on its website, “The US Air Force deployed these fighters to the US Central Command’s area of ​​responsibility in Syria, as part of the multi-pronged review of US support and capability in the wake of what it described as” unsafe and unsafe behavior. The increasing professionalism of Russian aircraft in the region.

“The 94th Virginia Raptor Squadron, from Langley Air Force Base, demonstrates the power of the United States through the ability to reposition forces and deliver overwhelming force at any moment,” the statement added.

“The F22 is a mixture of stealth, aerodynamic performance and mission systems, making it the best fifth-generation fighter in the world,” Centcom added.

The statement continued, “Through its presence in the US Central Command region, the 94th Fighter Squadron will integrate with the coalition forces on the ground and in the air”.

“Along with our partners and allies, we are committed to improving security and stability in the region,” Gen. Michael Korella, commander of US Central Command said.

He added, “The unsafe and unprofessional behavior of the Russian forces isn’t what we expect from a professional air force… Its systematic violation of agreed air deconfliction measures increases the risk of escalation or miscalculation”.

“This rapid deployment and integration into coalition operations is clear evidence of the shared commitment of partners, allies, and the United States to long-term peace and stability in the region,” the Centcom statement concluded.

The deputy head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Admiral Oleg Gorinov, said that US Air Force pilots are violating non-conflict protocols in Syria.

Gorinov said at a press conference on May 31 that US pilots activate weapon systems when approaching Russian Air Force fighters.

Gorinov said at that conference, “The grave violations of the non-conflict protocols and the bilateral memorandum on air safety continue in Syria by the so-called (international coalition) led by the United States, and US Air Force pilots continue to activate weapon systems when approaching Russian Air Force fighters that are flying scheduled sorties in eastern Syria”.

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