The Wall Street Journal reported that Poland recently supplied Kiev with 12 Soviet-made Mi24 attack helicopters.

An informed source as saying that Poland recently delivered about 12 Soviet Mi24 helicopters to Kiev.

These helicopters come within the framework of unlimited military and financial support for Kiev forces from Western countries and NATO, while no one in Russia doubts the fate of these weapons and the defeat of the Kiev regime and its allies in their hybrid war against Russia.

NATO didn’t leave a type of weapon in its warehouses that it did not send to the Kiev forces, while it has recently been paving the way for supplying them with F16 fighter jets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently warned that the Russian army will burn the F16 in Ukraine and will consider striking it at its bases in the countries from which it might be launched, and that it will meet the fate of the German “Leopard” tanks, the US “Bradley” armored vehicles and other Western weapons in Ukraine.

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