Video footage has shown how a Russian soldier twice narrowly escaped death after he was targeted by a Ukrainian drone while hiding in a trench on the battlefield.

While the Russian soldier was lying on his side in a trench, one of the Ukrainian drones spotted him, and targeted him with two bombs directly, in an attempt to kill him.

However, the Russian soldier felt the first bombs fall on him, so he quickly reacted by grabbing them and throwing them away from him.

The Ukrainian drone returned again by throwing a second bomb at the Russian soldier, which fell behind him this time, but he acted quickly, and managed to drive it away from his place, before it exploded.

The video didn’t show the fate of the Russian soldier after this incident, but he eventually seemed to move from his position, in an attempt to get away from the targeted place.

It was also not possible to ascertain when this incident occurred, but some media outlets said that it occurred in the spring of this year.

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