US Website: The US armament and training programs are out of control


The US website said that two developments this week underscored the fact that US programs that provide weapons and training to foreign military forces are out of control, at the expense of human rights, regional stability, and US security.

First, the New York Times reported that two programs designed to train foreign proxy forces to act on behalf of Washington don’t engage in ensuring the human rights of the personnel involved.

The article indicated that American commandos pay, train, and equip partner foreign forces, and then send them on killing or capturing operations, under the first program, known as “127e” or “127 Echo”.

The second program, known as “Section 1202,” funds non-war activities, from propaganda to sabotage.

It has long been suspected that the two programs ignore human rights concerns, but this was confirmed after the The Times newspaper published official US government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

A number of lawmakers in the US Congress have submitted bills to guarantee human rights while using the foreign unit training program.

According to Responsible Statecraft, these projects are an indication that states that the United States arms and the forces it trains can commit serious human rights abuses or kill large numbers of civilians with impunity.

The US training programs should have a greater degree of responsibility, in addition to withholding weapons that may cause harm, and that these two matters should be the basis of US policy, with reference to the distance from achieving these goals.

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