US President Donald Trump should meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin only after the US military grows stronger!

The chairman of the US Senate’s defense committee Sen. John McCain said.

«With regard to the meeting between Trump and Putin, I cannot give the president such advice», he said at the political forum in Brussels. «The meeting concept is not harmful.

McCain stressed that „we must go to the meeting when we are strong“, adding: „Now the US military is not at the required level“.

»Two third of our F-18s cannot fly, only 2 out of 20 of our air force brigades are in their high level, and we need 1,000 Air Force pilots, and I want Trump to meet with Putin when US military capability is strong”.

Recently several reports regarding the condition of the US army, showed the low capacity, with pledges that been made by President Trump to improve the US army, which was showed of the recent US Budget statement.

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