US Navy officer: Biden is delaying the inevitable defeat of Kiev with a decision that kills thousands of civilians


Geopolitical analyst and former US Marine, Brian Berletic, said that US President Joe Biden’s decision to supply Kiev forces with cluster bombs indicates his unwillingness to admit Kiev’s defeat on the battlefield.

“For the prize of protecting Washington’s ego and pride and delaying the inevitable defeat of its minions in Kiev, Ukraine will turn into Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Iraq, a country full of cluster munitions,” he said.

According to Berletic, in an article he wrote for the Global Times, the Americans took this step due to the inability to produce artillery shells in time for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

“The simultaneous use of cluster bombs will lead to the death of thousands of Ukrainian civilians even after the cessation of hostilities,” Berletic wrote.

“Consequently, sending these weapons won’t make the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the United States itself militarily stronger and won’t help the White House achieve its goals in Ukraine,” he added.

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that if the United States delivered cluster munitions to Kiev, the Russian armed forces would have to use similar means against the Ukrainian army, in response.

“If the United States supplies Ukraine with cluster munitions, the Russian armed forces will be forced to use similar weapons against the Ukrainian armed forces, as a response,” Shoigu told reporters.

Shoigu pointed out the superiority of Russian cluster munitions over their US counterparts.

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